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What is Jang?

Jang refers to the whole collection of fermented sauces central to Korean cooking. Among the host of traditional jangs are gochujang (hot pepper paste), doenjang (soybean paste), and ganjang (soy sauce). They are essential ingredients for soups, stews, marinades and dipping sauces, and are sometimes used in combination. It’s hard to over-emphasize the importance of jang in Korean cuisine. According to ancient Korean wisdom, “If the taste of jang changes, the household will perish.” Jang is the cornerstone Korean ingredient, directing the overall taste of most Korean dishes. Great jang is highly dependent on the quality of its ingredients, as well as the fermentation method, conditions and duration.

About Q-Rapha Jang

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Q-Rapha Jang is a premium quality and gluten-free fermented sauce for traditional Korean cooking. It could also greatly enhance many other foods, if you wish to get creative. (Q-Rapha Jang is the base ingredient for all Q-Rapha BBQ Sauces and Q-Rapha Bibim Gochujang). Handmade by jang artisan Uk Kang, Q-Rapha Jang consists of 100% natural ingredients with no chemical preservatives or additives. The rich, complex taste of Q-Rapha Jang is the fruit of artisan Uk Kang’s many years of hard work developing the best jang.

His unique creation resulted from combining a traditional, all-natural fermentation method with his own signature techniques specifically designed to improve flavor, texture and color, and increase health benefits.

Q-Rapha Jang is unpasteurized to preserve beneficial bacteria. Since bacteria can be destroyed when jang is cooked, use Q-Rapha Jang for dipping sauces or vegetable seasonings in order to benefit from its probiotics.

About Artisan Kang & the art of jang-making

Artisan Uk Kang dedicated the past two decades of his life to the art of fermentation. With the know-how he inherited from a jang expert in the 90’s, Uk Kang created the foundation for Q-Rapha Jang from traditional jang-making artistry honed for over 40 years.

Uk Kang currently lives in the U.S. pursuing his passion to grow a global appreciation for artisanal Korean jang and authentic Korean cuisine. His dream is to propagate the traditional jang fermentation method into the next generation and beyond, since the traditional way is slowly disappearing with industrialization.

Q-Rapha Jang is not completely shackled by strict tradition, though. From that classic foundation, Uk Kang is continuously developing new varieties of jang. Each creative twist captures the essence of traditional jang, while carving a leading edge in the evolving landscape of global food culture, and always maximizing health benefits.

He notes that the reason manufacturers shy away from the traditional jang-making method is that it requires much more attention, effort and fermentation time. Traditional jang is fermented with many strands of natural bacteria, whereas factory-made jang is fermented with artificially cultivated bacteria for faster production and easier quality control. So, factory-made jang may have a consistent taste, but it does not embody the deep complex flavors of the traditional jang. Traditional jang, however, must be made in a clean environment and with consistent monitoring, to ensure good quality and taste. Experienced jang artisans like Uk Kang are able to distinguish beneficial bacteria from unwanted microorganisms, which cause unpleasant flavors and smell. They know how to take care of jang even with changes in climate and surroundings. A genuine love and passion for jang, along with years of hard work and patience, are necessary to achieve the kind of artisan expertise which created Q-Rapha Jang.

“장이 단 집에 복이 많다.”
“A house full of good jang is a house full of blessings.” - Ancient Korean Saying